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Better sound for
digital piano

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Orpheus is a monitor loudspeaker built exclusively for electronic piano. Every aspect of Orpheus’s design — from its frequency range to its acoustical interaction with the room — is tailored to offer unsurpassed pianistic realism and musicality, eliminating the distortion that makes other keyboard amps sound thin and artificial.



Less distortion,
more realism

Piano can sound thin, artificial or toy-like through conventional loudspeakers — even the very best. This can be annoying, even embarrassing. The solution isn’t “better” speakers, but an innovative design adapted to the unique demands of digital piano. Orpheus eliminates the distortion that causes bad piano sound, providing unmatched tonal accuracy and musical enjoyment.




Sound bigger, not louder.

Piano through a keyboard amp or monitors can sound small, in-your-face, and too “dry”. But Orpheus’s negative-directivity design gives it a unique ability to engage the room’s natural reverberation, creating the immersive, spacious sound of a large acoustic instrument, without artificial reverb effects.


No knobs. No fiddling.

Orpheus doesn’t have tone control or other knobs. We’ve voiced it accurately and neutrally with piano in mind, so Orpheus is easy to set up and sounds right in any room.



Hand crafted in wood.

The array technology that gives Orpheus its realistic piano sound also lends it a distinctive look. Its 10-sided cabinet is hand-crafted in baltic birch for strength and beauty, and is available in a variety of custom finishes that look great in any room or studio.


Cutting edge acoustical array technology.

Orpheus uses our pioneering “dipole-aperture” array technology to meet the unique demands of piano sound. Its constant directivity design means it sounds the same in any direction, while creating natural reverberation that is lush and uncolored, so Orpheus sounds great in any room.

The bottom line is that I play better when I sound better.
— somebody on
Why do these digital pianos sound so good through headphones but kinda suck when listening through speakers?
— somebody on
If you want the piano to sound like an acoustic grand you want a speaker that works like one.
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